i dont want..
=) you make me smile..

sleep tight sexy.


even lychee martini is not helping now.

really dont hurt me. if you could see my true self, maybe you'll understand more than this.

who's not glad to be loved? but who can scream into my ears that this 100% is not gonna break me into pieces.


i dream to be a superman. i dream to fly.
who's not dreaming of it? and who can be one?

my mind is dying, i'm breaking.
my blue skies are fading, i'm gathering all my strength chasing and i feel.. i'm dying. i'm running out of everything left in me.
i'm not speechless, i'm pretending to be one. i need to scream but i cant let my tears out.

if i were given another chance, i'd still want to be theirs.
if this's fate, i'll call it mine. i accept.


upside down.
fuck this day, fuck myself.
i suck big time and i'm pretty sure.

if i dont spell out this would you ever know? studies is important to me.
if i dont show out would you ever know? i try my best to bring out the best in me. apparently people were all shocked when they saw me in class today flipping, typing and reading those chunk of words! in the nick of time. thats why i'm an idiot. and i was a bitch after UT.

take my hand, tell me everything will be good in time to come. give me a hug and say i love you. all i want this christmas.


fuck off! cause my life is pretty sucky.


as long as you love me.
i could buy a bigger heart, a wider mind.
2012 makes me want to live my life like i am doing now. HAHHA!! =)


run these thoughts away!

number one is wrong, number two is worse, number three has gone, number four is dead.
terrible, i didnt know i was long wasted.
" life is not all about grades and stress." but is life all about achievements? dont restrict me, let me free. commitment suck big time! I suck big time. but this's my life. still. do i have a choice? obviously not. i have to hold on to that spoken word cause if i dont, i'm a loser, an ultimate one. and i say, " this's the last time."
i cannot regret, i'll smile. but, can i choose to be a loser? im tired, i'm stuck on this one way street. i paint my life the way i want it - i see it as half filled. do you see it too?